Skin Health

With the rising trend of YouTube beauty tutorials and routines, women around the world are transforming their faces into canvases to test out new products and treatments. The problem with this is that while we are being taught what to put on our face and body, we are not being taught how to properly clean and remove it. It is no wonder then, that ​skin care​ remains to be one of the most neglected aspects of personal care.

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Permanent Hair Removal

Spring has officially arrived in Canada, and we’re not talking about the March Equinox. We’re talking about the no-more-snow, temperatures-above-zero, we-can-see-the-grass-again type of spring, and that can only mean one thing for women – hair removal season. As ladies across Canada begin to switch out their pants & coats for skirts & t-shirts, we can’t think of a more appropriate time to discuss and evaluate the available options for permanent hair removal treatments. Effective technological advancements in the beauty industry have led to the creation of services that provide year-round permanent hair removal solutions. Imagine it ladies, a hairless summer AND winter.

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Daylight Savings Effect on Health

Once a year, every year, as the winter days get longer, millions across Canada turn to their clocks to watch it advance by an hour — or sleep through it. This practice of time change, known as Daylight Savings Time, allows for more light in the summer evening hours by essentially moving an hour of daylight from morning to evening. Unfortunately for many, the jump from 2:00AM to 3:00AM takes away from precious sleeping hours that leaves many sporting an extra large coffee the next morning. This is a result of the shift in the body’s 24- hour internal clock, or circadian rhythm, which responds to light as an official indicator for time.

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What is Acupuncture?

            “The theories of acupuncture and moxibustion hold that the human body acts as a small universe connected by channels, and that by physically stimulating these channels the practitioner can promote the human body’s self-regulating functions and bring health to the patient.”1 The aforementioned quote is the definition that UNESCO gave to acupuncture in 2010. However, in Quebec the definition is as follows “Acupuncture is the act of stimulating, usually by the means of needles, certain specific sites of the skin, mucous membranes or subcutaneous tissues of the body for the purpose of improving health or relieving pain.”2

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Tattoo removal

            Once reserved for sailors, tribesmen, and ex-cons, tattoos have been growing in popularity in recent years. While the desire to express oneself through art is appealing, beware, this aesthetic procedure is quite permanent! While tattooing can be considered to be a profession, it is above all an art. And like most art forms, for best results, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Not only do they receive training in health and safety, but if done by an amateur, you run the risk of having a tattoo that will age poorly, heal badly, get infected and swollen or worse. An infection can come from cross contamination, poorly maintained or cleaned instruments, and improper techniques.

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The practice of physical activities

The saying: a healthy mind, healthy body, is known to all. However, it can be difficult to find the motivation to play sports during the Canadian winter. Nonetheless, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity. The World Health Organization defines physical activity as “any movement produced by skeletal muscles that increases energy expenditure.” In a report published in 2018, the WHO explained that “sedentariness (lack of physical activity) is considered the fourth most common risk factor for death in the world (6%). It is also estimated to be the cause of 21-25% of breast or colon cancers, 27% of diabetes cases and about 30% of ischemic heart disease.”

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Everything you need to know about pregnancy tests

There are many different types of pregnancy tests out there and roughly 70% of women between the ages of 25 and 45 have needed one at some point in their lives. While some of the early symptoms of pregnancy can be vague; like nausea, a lack menstruation, increased appetite, fatigue and chest tenderness, there are many test available that can confirm a pregnancy.

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The benefits of spa treatments

With new spas opening across Montreal and Canada, there is an endless variety of treatments and therapies for you to choose from. Due to their high demand, these treatments have become more innovative and more focused of health benefits. There are many options to choose from; the most poplar being massage therapy, but span now offer a range of services like shiny salt and body wraps, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, as well as signature services that combine multiple treatments. Here are some basics you should know before booking deciding on your next massage or spa treatment.

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