Sunglasses in Winter

Of course everybody thinks about wearing sunglasses during the summer because the sun is out and its hot. What a lot of people don’t know is that it is equally important to protect your eyes with sunglasses in the winter. Meaning even when the temperature is below freezing and the weather is overcast, invisible ultraviolet (UV) light is still able to pass through the clouds to your eyes and cause damage. It could be argued that since white winter snow is much more reflective than our surroundings in the summer, it might even be more important to protect your eyes when the temperature drops.

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Cannabis in Canada

Since it was first discovered in ancient China, marijuana has had its place in pharmacopeia for centuries. However, its long history of being used doesn’t necessarily mean that its safe for anyone to use or abuse. With its legalization across Canada, now is a particularly  important time to communicate that cannabis’ legal status doesn’t imply that the substance is ‘harm-free’. While there are medical benefits of smoking marijuana, these benefits are noted in specific conditions where marijuana is predominantly used as an alternative to more conventional medication. In this article, we would like to focus on some of the lesser known risks associated to the consumption of cannabis in order to make you a more educated user.

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Deep inside of your ear exists a lesser known organ, named the cochlea. This organ was named after the latin word for ‘snail shell’ due to their similarly spiralling appearance. The cochlea plays a vital role in transforming noise vibrations from our environment into a signal that can then be interpreted by our brains as sound. The cochlea is able to do this by using unique cells contained within it known as “hair-cells”. These ‘hair cells’ are named for their unique appearance and they vary amongst themselves with regards to the frequency at which they respond. Continue reading “Cochlea”