Tap medical is dedicated to rethinking how you access and experience healthcare.

Looking for a doctor's appointment? Let us help.Find a doctor and book your next doctor's appointment through your mobile phone for free!

Discover how Tap medical is rethinking the way you access and experience healthcare.

Find an appointment

Mobile or online booking

Tap medical's app allows you to find and book a medical or paramedical appointment for free. Whether you need an urgent care appointment, a routine family doctor visit, a consultation with a specialist, a physiotherapist or a dentist, Tap medical makes the process simple and hassle-free!

Avoid unnecessary wait times

With in-app notifications

Your time is important to us! Therefore, Tap medical allows you to register and wait online, to receive notifications if your doctor is running late and to receive real-time notifications of queue status. Our goal is to put the personal touch back into healthcare.

Always arrive on time

Using our mobile check-in!

Tap medical's innovative platform allows you to check-in online or at one of our kiosks. No more waiting in line to register. Let Tap medical ensure that you arrive just in time. We are committed to helping reduce the stress and wasted-time typically associated with visiting a doctor!

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Tell your clinic about us!

Don't you want to have the freedom and ease to book your next appointment online? If you cannot find your clinic's appointments online or on our app, its because they have not yet joined the Tap medical network. Tell us your clinic's name and we will contact them. Also, next time you speak to your clinic, ask them to join our network!