Privacy Statement



Tap Medical is committed to protecting the privacy of its Users and their Patients as well as Visitors, including User Data and other information. In that respect, Tap Medical is committed to complying with all requirements set forth by Law, and more particularly, legislation governing the collection, use, storage, sharing and disposal of personal information. In that respect, Tap Medical has put in place various measures, practices and guidelines to ensure that the privacy and the confidentiality of Users, Patients and Visitors as well as User Data are respected.

This Privacy Statement applies to the Website and to any other Service offered by Tap Medical, as well as to any Content or User Data rendered available via the foregoing, and describes Tap Medical’s Website privacy practices, and more particularly: (i) the kind of Personal Information and other information that Tap Medical collects with respect to Users, Patients and Visitors, (ii) why Tap Medical collects such information, (iii) how Tap Medical uses such information and protects the privacy and confidentiality thereof, and (iv) under what circumstances Tap Medical shares Confidential Information with its Business Partners (and with other third parties when required to do so by the Law). This Privacy Statement also describes the decisions Users and Visitors can make with respect to the collection, access, use and storage of their Personal Information.

Tap Medical may modify, from time to time, the terms of this Privacy Statement, as set forth in Section 8 hereunder. Users and Visitors should review this Privacy Statement regularly. Should they object to any changes made, they should stop using the Website and any other Services and close their account (or delete any User Data or Content). By continuing to use any of the foregoing after this Privacy Statement has been amended, Users and Visitors are deemed to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Statement, as amended.

Definitions and Interpretation.

For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, the terms set forth in this Section have the meanings assigned to them below:


“Agreement” collectively designates the Software Services Agreement and the schedules forming an integral part thereof, including, this Privacy Statement and the User Agreement, as may be amended by Tap Medical from time to time. “Application” means Tap Medical’s application, which is compatible with various electronic devices, such as but not limited to, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and also accessible through web browsers.

“Business Partners” designates Tap Medical’s affiliates or other business partners which assist Tap Medical in the development of the Website and other Services, such as Facebook and Apple, which offer marketing or promotional tools and platforms, as well as pharmaceutical companies, medical associations and financial institutions which offer various services, products, goods or promotions to Users via Tap Medical’s platform.

“Content” means any information (such as data files, text, software, audio or other files, photographs, videos or other images) rendered available by Tap Medical on the Website or via the other Services.

“Cookies” designates the small text files that are placed on the hard disk of Users’ and Visitors’ computers when Users and Visitors browse on the Website, run the Application or otherwise use the Services, and which either disappear from said computer when Users or Visitors close their browser software or turn off their device (in cases of session-based cookies) or remain on said device even if Users and Visitors close their browser or turn off their device (in case of persistent-based Cookies).

“De-Identified Personal Information” means Personal Information from which a person’s name or other unique identifier has been irrevocably removed, so that the information can no longer be linked to an identifiable individual.

“Law” designates all applicable laws in force in the province of Quebec, including those pertaining to: (i) the protection of Personal Information such as the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (Quebec), (ii) health information, (iii) the legal framework for information technology, and (iv) electronic communications, such as Canada’s anti-spam legislation, as well as in any other overriding provision or public order provision in force in the jurisdiction (such as any other Canadian province or territory) in which the Services are provided (or the Personal Information, Users’ Data and other information are stored) and which would apply irrespective of the choice of governing law.

“Patient” shall mean an individual who uses the Services or any application of Tap Medical in order to manage his or her medical appointments and other medical needs with User.

“Patient Data” shall mean any Personal Information of persons who will be using the Services for purposes of interaction with User.

“Personal Information” means any information about an identifiable individual or entity, such as his, her or its name, telephone number, address, email address, profession, qualifications and license number, if applicable.

“Privacy Statement” means this Privacy Statement, as may be amended by Tap Medical from time to time, the whole in accordance with Section 8 hereunder.

“Provider Dashboard” means the platform used by doctors, clinics, hospitals and other medical professionals.

“Representative” means any beneficiary, mandatory, adviser or other authorized representative (such as an assistant of a healthcare professional) who has been authorized by Law or pursuant to an agreement to represent and act on behalf of any User, Visitor or Tap Medical in connection with this Privacy Statement.

“Services” means functions and services such as, but not limited to, scheduling, collaboration, education and providing documentation that Tap Medical makes available through its technological platform available via: (a) its Website (including, subdomains, widgets and mobile versions); (b) its Application; (c) the Content; (d) the Provider Dashboard; (e) or any other programs, media and software designed to be run on electronic devices, existing now or developed in the future, as well as all the Content offered via the foregoing.

“Tap Medical” designates 9338-7900 Quebec Inc., a legal person governed by the Business Corporations Act (Quebec), as well as its Representative and, wherever applicable, any other entity to which Tap Medical’s rights and obligations are assigned or vested following a corporate reorganisation or a business transaction.

“User” means: (i) a physician, a student in medicine or in any other healthcare profession, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant or any other healthcare professional, (ii) a healthcare institution or other entity operating in the field of healthcare, as well as (iii) their authorized Representatives.

“User Agreement” means the user agreement that any User making use of the Website, Application, Content, account or other Service concluded with Tap Medical by joining, downloading, registering or subscribing to any of the foregoing, as appears at Schedule “B” of the Software Services Agreement and which forms an integral part thereof.

“User Data” means all data or information uploaded by User for hosting and processing purposes when using the Services, such as Personal Information or information such as, but not limited to, documents, meetings, schedules, messages, and trainings, including such information pertaining to the patients of the User, as well as all Patient Data.

“Visitors” means all persons browsing on or visiting Tap Medical’s Website, or having enquired about the Services, who have made comments, participated in a contest or survey or registered their contact details with Tap Medical for the purpose of receiving communications or information with respect to the Services.

“Website” means Tap Medical’s website, http://www.tapmedical.ca/.


Grammatical variations of any term defined herein have a similar meaning. Words importing the singular number shall include the plural and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. In addition to the foregoing definitions, the word “including” shall be deemed to be followed by the phrase “without limitation.” The word “will” shall be construed to have the same meaning and effect as the word “shall.” The words “herein,” “hereof” and “hereunder,” and words of similar import, shall be construed to refer to the terms and conditions provided for in the Privacy Statement.

With respect to any User, this Privacy Statement shall be deemed to form an integral part of the Software Services Agreement and the User Agreement and shall together form the entire Agreement between the User and Tap Medical, the whole as more fully provided for in the Software Services Agreement, which was brought to the attention and accepted by all Users.

Collection and Use of Personal Information.

In addition to this Website, Tap Medical provides a variety of other online Services to Users and other forms of assistance or services to Visitors. In the course of providing Services to its Users, Tap Medical collects information from them, the whole as set forth hereunder. Tap Medical also collects information from Visitors when they enquire about Tap Medical’s Services, participate in contests or surveys offered by Tap Medical, submit applications to Tap Medical or otherwise browse on Tap Medical’s Website. In all of the foregoing cases, Tap Medical collects Personal Information concerning its Users and Visitors only for the purposes detailed in this Privacy Statement.

All employees of Tap Medical responsible for the collection, storage or use of Personal Information (or Users’ Data) in the name and on behalf of Tap Medical are required to ensure that the collection, use, disclosure, storage and disposal of said information is done in compliance with this Privacy Statement, the Law and any other relevant procedure. Information Collected Concerning Users and Visitors.

Information Collected Concerning Users and Visitors.

Requests for Information, Comments and Other Inquiries. When Visitors and Users express an interest in obtaining additional information about the Services, in subscribing to any Service or in opening an online account, Tap Medical will require them to provide their personal contact information (such as their name, phone number, email address or address) and – if required to properly respond to the inquiry, comment or demand of the User or Visitor – their profession or medical specialty, their license number and their department and hospital affiliation or place of work. Such Personal Information is collected in order for Tap Medical: (i) to be able to communicate with the Visitors and Users, (ii) to verify if the Visitors and Users qualify as users of the Services, (iii) to determine which kind of Services would be required or desirable for the Visitor or User; and (iv) to respond to the enquiries, comments or requests for information brought forth by the Visitor or User.

Account Registration. When Visitors register to open an account, Tap Medical requires them to provide their name, email address (or address), telephone number, license number and hospital or department affiliation (or place of work). Tap Medical requires this information to ascertain that new users qualify as users of the Services and to communicate with them whenever required (notably, when material changes are made to the Agreement). 
In the course of creating its account, any Visitor must also provide a password and must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement. During that registration process, such Visitor may provide additional information to build its profile.

Purchase of Services. When Users purchase Services, Tap Medical will collect their credit card information (or other information regarding any other means of payment). Users may also be requested to confirm their name, address, email address (or address), license number, hospital or department affiliation (of their place of employment) and any other information required to ascertain that said User can proceed with the transaction. For instance, Tap Medical may request that a User disclose its title and functions should such User wish to purchase Services. Such information will allow Tap Medical: (i) to proceed with the transaction, (ii) to deliver and perform the Services requested and (iii) to communicate, wherever required, with any User.

Contests and Surveys. Tap Medical may conduct contests and surveys via its Website and other Services. In that respect, Users and Visitors may be asked to provide Personal Information such as their name, address and email address. Users and Visitors will also be required to provide answers to the survey questions (or wherever applicable to the contest question(s)). Tap Medical or its Business Partners may also provide Users and Visitors with incentive offers to encourage Users and Visitors to participate in Tap Medical’s contests and surveys, which offers may also require the disclosure of Personal Information. The choice to participate in said surveys and contests or to take advantage of any incentive remains, at all times, at the sole discretion of the Users and Visitors. Any Personal Information obtained by Tap Medical in connection with the foregoing will only be used to contact the contest participants and for any other purpose expressly set forth in said survey or contest or permitted by Law.

Newsletters and Events. When Users and Visitors register to receive publications, brochures or newsletters or to attend any event that Tap Medical hosts or organizes, said Users and Visitors will be required to provide Tap Medical with their name and email address. This Personal Information is essential to send Users and Visitors tickets and information pertaining to the event, or the publication, brochure or magazine organized to which they subscribed. Depending upon the type of publication or event organized, Users and Visitors may have to communicate additional Personal Information. This will be notified to Users and Visitors prior to the collection of such information. Users and Visitors may request at all times to be removed from any mailing list, the whole as set forth in Subsection 6.3.

Customer Service. When Users and Visitors communicate with Tap Medical’s customer service representatives, said customer service representatives will have access to any information communicate to them by the User or Visitor or any information otherwise disclosed, such as their name, email address, telephone number and address, as well as any opinion, question, or comment communicated by the User or Visitor. Tap Medical’s customer service representative will thereafter collect the information needed: (i) to categorize the communication, (ii) to respond to any enquiry, comment or request for information, (iii) to send any information requested, (iv) to investigate any breach of the Privacy Statement or Agreement; or (v) to track problematic situations to see if they are isolated or are rather part of a more generalized problem.

Information Shared by Users via the Services. When using the Services, Users will upload various types of User Data. Tap Medical may collect – for analytic and statistical purposes – such data as provided by User or such data disclosed or otherwise rendered available by User about itself or about others when using the Services via its account or session. Tap Medical may also collect information regarding the content shared or communicated by others and information about Users’ network and groups. User Data and other information collected could include: (i) the information or the content Users provide, including the date the information was rendered available and the place from which such content was published, (ii) the type of Content (or User content) viewed or published and (iii) the manner that the Content, Website or other Services are used.

Information Shared on Facebook. Tap Medical shares information about itself and its Services on www.facebook.com (“Facebook”). Similarly, Users and Visitors sending or accepting Tap Medical’s “friend request” or otherwise “following” Tap Medical are deemed to be sharing information that said Users or Visitors (or their “Facebook friends”) posted on their Facebook page. Accordingly, Tap Medical may see or consult the information available on these Facebook pages such as the name, age, city and place of work of such Users and Visitors, as well as any other information available on their “wall” or page. Users or Visitors can always choose the audience that can see what they share. Accordingly, unless Users and Visitors limit the information displayed via their Facebook privacy settings or the Facebook audience selector, Users and Visitors are deemed to have agreed to share such information with their “friends” or persons they “follow”, including Tap Medical.
Should Tap Medical or its Business Partners collect any information available on Facebook, they shall do so on an aggregate and de-identified basis, the whole for analytical and statistical purposes only.

Promotions and Marketing. Tap Medical may use – for marketing purposes – the Personal Information provided by Users and Visitors pursuant to Subsection 4.5. For example, Tap Medical may use such information to contact Users and Visitors to further discuss their interest with respect to the Services and to send them information regarding Tap Medical’s promotions and events. Such communications will be made in accordance with the Law, including the National Do Not Call List, telemarketing rules and Canada’s anti-spam legislation. No marketing or promotional email will be sent to Users or Visitors without their prior (express or implied) consent. In that respect, Users and Visitors may withdraw their consent at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” mechanism provided for in all Tap Medical emails or by any other means set forth in Subsection 6.3.

Board, Blogs and Chatrooms. Tap Medical may provide message boards, blogs, or chat rooms via Tap Medical’s Services. In such a case, Users may use such platforms to share User Data or other information. Any Personal Information (or User Data) Users choose to submit in such a forum may be read, collected, or used by others visiting these forums. Furthermore, Users may share information about other Users with the audience they choose or with all Users and Visitors having access to these platforms. For example, a User may share a photo of another User, mention or tag such User at a location in a post, or display information that said User formerly communicated with other Users. Tap Medical is not responsible for the Personal Information (or User Data) that Users choose to submit in these forums or other platforms. Tap Medical invites any User or Visitor having concerns with respect to any post to report such post in the manner set forth in Section 9 hereunder.

Users Testimonials. Tap Medical posts a list of Users and testimonials on its Website that contains information such as Users’ names and titles, as well as the opinions or comments contained in such testimonials. Prior to posting any information on such list or page, Tap Medical shall obtain the prior consent of each User by contacting him, her or it personally (by email, by telephone or otherwise). Users are free to accept or decline Tap Medical’s invitation and thereafter can request, at all times, that their testimonials or Personal Information be removed from Tap Medical’s Website or list, the whole as set forth in Section 9 hereunder. 
Tap Medical does not, however, control the communications that such Users may receive from other Users in connection with these testimonials and said list. Should any User wish to report any communication received regarding its testimonial or other information, then it should contact Tap Medical in the manner set forth in Section 9 hereunder.

Job Applications. Tap Medical collects personal information that is voluntarily provided to it when job applicants apply for a job position by email (info@tapmedical.ca). Such application is voluntary, and job applicants choose the information they wish to submit to Tap Medical. The Personal Information submitted will be shared only with those people in Tap Medical’s organization who need the information: (i) to assess and verify job applicants’ qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience; (ii) to conduct reference and background checks and otherwise verify the information submitted to Tap Medical; (iii) to communicate with job applicants; and (iv) to improve the recruitment process. 
In addition to the Personal Information obtained from job applications, Tap Medical may also conduct its own verification and obtain additional Personal Information. For instance, employment at Tap Medical is contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check. Accordingly, Tap Medical reserves the right to conduct criminal (or other) background check(s). Should any background check be the reason for which Tap Medical cannot hire a job applicant, Tap Medical will notify that observation to such applicant and provide him or her with a copy of his or her criminal background check.

Future Services. Tap Medical is continuously striving to improve the Services offered and to create new Services to better suit Users’ needs. Furthermore, new partnerships or other business transactions may lead to the implementation of new features or Services. The foregoing may result in the collection of new Personal Information about Users. Should Tap Medical: (i) start collecting additional Personal Information or substantially new types of Personal Information, or (ii) materially change how it handles such information, then Tap Medical will notify this change to the Users and Visitors pursuant to Section 8 hereunder.

Information obtained from other Users and Business Partners.

Referrals. When such program is developed, Users and Visitors may elect to use Tap Medical’s referral program to inform colleagues about Tap Medical’s Website or other Services. In such an event, Tap Medical requests that Users or Visitors provide their colleagues’ names and email addresses, and Tap Medical will automatically send such colleagues a one-time email providing information about the Services and inviting him or her to visit the Website. Thereafter, the communications with said colleague will be made on a consensual basis (expressed or implied).

Business Partners. Tap Medical receives information about Users from Business Partners when Users use third-party websites or services that use or are integrated with Tap Medical’s Services.
For instance, when a new User downloads the Application via the Apple Store, Apple obtains Personal Information and other information required for the successful download of the Application. 
Likewise, each time a User or a Visitor opens a Facebook account to “follow” or become “friend” with Tap Medical (or otherwise learns more about Tap Medical), Facebook obtains all Personal Information disclosed by said Visitor or User.
Finally, other Business Partners may post or otherwise render available documentation or other information about the products, goods, services or promotions they offer and which either complement Tap Medical’s Services or can be obtained via Tap Medical’s platform. Information collected by these Business Partners is subject to the agreements concluded between them and Tap Medical. In that respect, each Business Partner will have either accepted Tap Medical’s terms and conditions or negotiated an agreement to use Tap Medical’s platform and technology via any Service. In both cases, the agreement concluded will require Business Partners to comply at all times with this Privacy Statement and to put in place measures to guarantee the safety or confidentiality of any Personal Information (or User Data).

Information Collected about Users and Visitors via the Use of Cookies. As Visitors and Users browse on Tap Medical’s Website or use other Services, Tap Medical may collect Personal Information with respect to Visitors or Users, such as: (i) standard information from their browsers (such as browser type and browser language), (ii) their Internet Protocol address, (iii) the actions they perform on Tap Medical’s Website or other Services, such as the web pages viewed and the links clicked, and (iv) any other information described below, the whole through the use of commonly-used information-gathering tools. The Personal Information is gathered through the use of the following Cookies: Persistent Cookies. When Users and Visitors browse on the Website or use the other Services, a unique identifier is assigned to their device. This unique identifier is associated with a persistent Cookie that Tap Medical places on the Web browser of such User or Visitor. Such Cookie can only be read by Tap Medical and is used to identify browsers that have previously visited the Website or which have used any other Service;

Preference Cookies. Preference Cookies allow the Website, Application and other Services to remember information, such as Users and Visitors’ IP addresses, the preferred language, the region where they are located or the size of the lettering and any other setting that Users or Visitors can select. This allows Tap Medical: (i) to personalize the Website (and other Services) or accounts, (ii) to recognize Users and Visitors when they return to the Website, make use of a Service more than once or when they log into their account; and (iii) to enhance their browsing experience by preventing Users and Visitors from recurrently selecting settings or other information;

Statistical Cookies. Likewise, when Users and Visitors browse on the Website or when Users use the Services, Tap Medical may collect – for analytical and statistical purposes – information regarding the manner in which Users and Visitors interact with the Content or Users’ content, as well as information from or about the electronic devices used to access the Website and other Services. In that respect, statistical Cookies collect information such as: (i) the date and time Users and Visitors last visited the Website (or other Services), (ii) the pages or Content consulted, viewed or published, (iii) the information in or about the content that was provided, such as the date the information was rendered available and the place from which such content was published, (iv) the manner that the Content, account, Website or other Services are used, (v) the attributes of the Users’ and Visitors’ operating systems, (vi) the device locations, and (vii) the connection information, such as the time zone and IP address. These Cookies allow Tap Medical to obtain statistical information such as how often the Website (and other Services) or certain specific pages are visited and what kind of Content was found to be most interesting by Users and Visitors. This information helps Tap Medical improve the Website and other Services according to the Users’ and Visitors’ needs or fields of interest;

Temporary Cookies. Tap Medical also uses temporary Cookies containing an encrypted unique identifier that is placed, and remains, in Users’ and Visitors browsers until the User or Visitor closes its browser software or turns off its device.
One example of that type of Cookie is the process Cookie, which helps make the Website and other Services work properly when Users and Visitors are browsing from one page to the other. These Cookies also assist Tap Medical in keeping track of Users’ orders and requests, and in delivering the Services Users subscribed to;

Session State Cookies. Users may also encounter session state Cookies which help Tap Medical deliver high quality Services and improve the Website, Application, Content, account or other Services by maintaining Users’ sessions or email accounts active. These Cookies also collect information about how Users and Visitors interact with the Website (or other Services), such as the pages that are the most often visited or the failure to access these pages. These Cookies allow Tap Medical to improve the Website and other Services and their functionality;

Security Cookies. Security Cookies are used each time they login their account or purchase Services. These Cookies contain an encrypted, unique identifier that is tied to Users’ account and placed in their browser, allowing Tap Medical to uniquely identify Users when they are logged into their account and to process their online transactions and requests. In authenticating Users, these Cookies aim to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect Users’ Data and other Personal Information from unauthorized access; and

Possibility to Refuse the Use of Cookies. Users and Visitors have the ability to accept or decline Tap Medical’s use of Cookies on the Website and via its other Services (such as blogs or chatrooms) that can be freely accessed without logging into an account or activating a session by turning them off or blocking Cookies in their browser. Blocking or deleting Cookies will not render the foregoing unusable. However, loss of the information stored in preference or session state Cookies may make Users’ and Visitors’ experiences somewhat less enjoyable, as they will be treated as new visitors each time they browse the Website or use any other Service and thus will have to select language settings (and any other settings) on a recurrent basis. However, Users cannot block or delete all Cookies when they log into their accounts or activate a session given that process Cookies, session state Cookies and security Cookies are essential for ensuring that the foregoing (and any Services furnished via the foregoing) functions properly (by linking one page to the other or by maintaining sessions and accounts encrypted). Nonetheless, even if Cookies cannot be blocked without affecting Users and Visitors’ ability to use the Website or other Services, these Cookies are of a temporary nature; accordingly, they will disappear when browser software are closed or devices are turned off. Users or Visitors experiencing problems with the functionalities of their account or any other Service should contact Tap Medical in the manner set forth in Section 9 hereunder.

Sharing of Information Collected.

Unless described in this Privacy Statement, Tap Medical does not share, sell, rent, trade, disclose or otherwise render available any Personal Information or Users’ Data.

Personal Information and Users’ Data. Personal Information and Users’ Data are not used or disclosed to third parties for purposes other than that for which it was collected, unless the User or Visitor concerned consented thereto or the Law authorized such other use or disclosure. In that respect, Tap Medical may disclose Personal Information or Users’ Data to its Business Partners in the event that such disclosure facilitates the provision of any Service, such as by providing assistance to Tap Medical with respect to the maintenance and development of its platform. Any such Business Partner will have a limited access to the Personal Information or Users’ Data on a “need-to-know” basis in order to provide the agreed services to Tap Medical, and will be contractually bound to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy and to take all measures required to guarantee the safety and the confidentiality of such Personal Information and Users’ Data. Tap Medical shall advise any User or Visitor which enquires about the use made of such information, and whether it has been disclosed to third parties. 
Despite the foregoing, Users’ and Visitors’ Personal Information may be transferred to a potential purchaser or other corporation in connection with a business transaction or corporate reorganization, such as if Tap Medical is to be sold, merged or amalgamated or if substantially all of Tap Medical’s assets are to be sold or disposed of, the whole to the extent, however, that such communication is necessary for the purposes of deciding whether to proceed with the sale or other transaction. 
Finally, Tap Medical reserves the right to use or disclose Personal Information or Users’ Data if it reasonably believes that such use or disclosure is necessary to protect Tap Medical’s rights, to comply with a judicial proceeding, a court order, or a legal process or for any other purpose set forth in Law allowing or requiring the disclosure of Personal Information.

De-Identified Information. Tap Medical may use De-Identified Personal Information or Users’ Data for training, research and promotional purposes. Also, Tap Medical reserves the right to disclose market, license and sell De-Identified Personal Information for any purpose without restriction, as the Law does not impose restrictions on the use and disclosure of De-Identified Personal Information.

Storage of Personal Information. Subject to applicable Laws, Tap Medical shall retain and store Personal Information or Users’ Data only for the purposes detailed above and as long as it is necessary for the determined purposes. Accordingly, Tap Medical may retain Personal Information or Users’ Data even after a User deleted his, her or its account, if retention is reasonably necessary: (i) to comply with the Law, (ii) to resolve disputes, (iii) to prevent fraud, abuse or any contravention of the Law, or (iv) to enforce this Privacy Statement. Likewise, Tap Medical’s customer service representatives may retain Users’ and Visitors’ Personal Information as long as it is required: (i) to respond to any enquiry, (ii) to communicate with said Users and Visitors and, if deemed relevant, (iii) to generate trends analyses. 
In that respect, Tap Medical has put in place measures of control, timeframes and guidelines pertaining to the storage and retention of Personal Information (and Users’ Data) and pertaining to the destruction of files and other supports containing such Personal Information (and Users’ Data) when deemed to be no longer required or relevant under the Law or for the purposes listed in Section 2.

Access, Correcting and Updating Your Information.

Access, Correcting and Updating the Information Collected by Tap Medical. Users and Visitors may consult, correct and update at all times any Personal Information Tap Medical collects, uses and stores about them. Users and Visitors can also edit and update Users’ Data they uploaded or otherwise rendered available on the Website or via other Services.

Updates and Changes of Registration Information. Users may update or change their registration information (and Users’ Data) by editing their account profile.
To update a User profile, Users should login to www.tapmedical.ca with their Tap Medical username and password and enter their profile information.
To update their group’s information, Users should login to www.tapmedical.ca with their Tap Medical username and password and send a message to Tap Medical support. Users can also update or amend the foregoing at any time by contacting Tap Medical as indicated in Section 9 hereunder.

Information Used for Promotional and Marketing Purposes. As provided for in Subsection 4.5 above, Tap Medical may communicate with Users and Visitors for promotional and marketing purposes by the following means: email, mail (postal), telephone and text messages. Tap Medical will use the same means of communication chosen by the Users and Visitors to contact Tap Medical or the preferred means specified by them. 
Users and Visitors wishing to be removed from one or more of Tap Medical’s promotional mailing lists should do so by one of the following methods. To be removed (or in other words, to unsubscribe) from Tap Medical’s promotional text message lists, Users and Visitors can simply reply to the text message with the word “STOP” or “Unsubscribe”, or click on the ready-to-use unsubscribe link in the text message. Users and Visitors can always unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails simply by clicking on the ready-to-use “unsubscribe” mechanism provided at the bottom of each email. Should any User or Visitor wish to be removed from one or more promotional lists, they can do so by specifying, via email, letter or phone call (at the telephone number or addresses as set forth in Section 9 below) from which list(s) they wish to be removed. Correction of any other Personal Information. Every User or Visitor from which Tap Medical has collected Personal Information or Users’ Data (as described in Section 2) is entitled to communicate with Tap Medical in the manner set forth in Section 9 in order: (i) to modify his, her or its file, (ii) to correct inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous information, (iii) to have outdated or irrelevant information struck out, or (iv) to make written comments and have them filed on record.

Correcting and Updating Users Data. Users can upload, manage, edit or delete their Users’ Data or the content and other information they share when using the Website or any other Service. Users can also do the same when using their account. When Users request that their account and their Personal Information to be deleted, such content will no longer be accessible to other Users. Despite the foregoing, Users should keep in mind that the information that other Users have shared is not part of the deleted account and thus will not be deleted when said User deletes his, her or its account or any other content. For this reason, any such User may be prevented from correcting, deleting or otherwise editing any information pertaining to it but shared by other Users. Should any information posted by other Users infringe the Law (including any User’s rights), Tap Medical will delete such information upon being made aware thereof and after verifying User’s allegations.

Fees Pertaining to the Access, Correction or Updating of Personal Information and Users’ Data. Users can readily and freely update their account or profile, or otherwise modify, edit or delete any Users’ Data published, the whole as set forth in Subsection 6.2. Likewise, requests for access to, correction of or updating any Personal Information made pursuant to Subsection 6.3 are free of charge. However, in such cases, Tap Medical may require a reasonable fee for the reproduction and forwarding of Personal Information or other Users’ Data. Tap Medical will provide the User or Visitor with prior notice of the amount of the applicable fees.


Measures Implemented. Tap Medical uses robust physical, electronic, technological, organizational, contractual, and managerial security measures: (i) to protect the security and privacy of the Personal Information and Users’ Data from losses, theft or unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification; (ii) to maintain data accuracy, and (iii) to help ensure that Personal Information and Users’ Data are appropriately used. When the Services are accessed via Internet, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology protects Personal Information or Users’ Data by using server authentication and data encryption. This technology helps ensure that any Personal Information or Users’ Data is safe, secure, and only available to authorized persons. Users and Visitors should look at the lower left-hand corner of their browser to make sure they are accessing a secure server (before submitting Personal Information or Users’ Data). If Users and Visitors see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon the browser), then SSL is active. Users and Visitors should look at the URL or location line of the browser. If Users have accessed a secure server, the first characters of the address in that line should change from “http” to “https.” 
If for any reason Users or Visitors cannot access the secure server, or are not quite comfortable when using the Website or any other Service, they should feel free to contact Tap Medical in the manner set forth in Section 9.

Tap Medical also implements an advanced security method based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications, and Tap Medical hosts its Website and other Services in a secure server environment that uses firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Users are responsible for choosing a strong password (e.g. by avoiding using consecutive identical characters, and by including numbers as well as uppercase and lowercase letters) and for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their usernames and passwords. 
Furthermore, access to any Personal Information and Users’ Data is granted to Tap Medical’s employees, sub-contractors, representatives, suppliers and Representatives on a “need-to-know” basis only.
Finally, Tap Medical processes, stores and retains Personal Information and Users’ Data on its servers located within the territorial limits of Quebec or in any other province or territory where its Services are available. Accordingly, such information will only be subject to the Laws in force in these Provinces and the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Despite the foregoing, should the Users and Visitors be located in other jurisdictions, the disclosure of Personal Information and Users’ Data may be allowed or required under additional circumstances pursuant to any superseding Law in force in said jurisdictions, and accordingly, governmental authorities or other entities may be entitled to access Personal Information and Users’ Data in situations that are not contemplated under this Privacy Statement. Reminder. Identity thieves sometimes send fraudulent emails to trick web surfers into divulging personal or financial information. Should Users or Visitors receive an email that appears to be sent by Tap Medical asking for Personal Information, they shall avoid responding to such email. Tap Medical will never request account passwords, the Users’ name or financial information via emails. If any User or Visitor has received or entered Personal Information (or Users’ Data) in response to a suspicious email, pop-up or phony website claiming to be affiliated with Tap Medical, please call Tap Medical immediately by any of the means set forth in Section 9 below. Likewise, while Tap Medical strives to implement all measures required to protect and ensure the confidentiality of Users’ and Visitors’ Personal Information (and Users’ Data), no method of transmission of Personal Information, including those available via the Internet, is completely secure. Therefore, Tap Medical cannot guarantee the absolute security of such Personal Information (and Users’ Data).

Links to Third Parties’ Websites. Occasionally Tap Medical may provide, on its Website or via any other Service, links to other websites or webpages of interest. These sites operate independently of Tap Medical’s Website and other Services, and have established their own privacy and security policies. For the best online experience, Tap Medical strongly encourages Users and Visitors to review the policies of any website they visit. Tap Medical is not responsible for the content or practices of any linked websites, which are provided solely for convenience and information.

Changes to this Privacy Statement.

Tap Medical reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. Should any material change be made to the Privacy Statement, then Tap Medical will provide notification of such material change to all Users and Visitors prior to the change taking effect. With respect to Users, Tap Medical will bring to their attention the Privacy Statement as amended the first time they will log into their account following such amendments. As to the Visitors, Tap Medical will provide notification of any material change made to this Privacy Statement through Tap Medical’s Website the whole: (i) via a banner notice on the Website, or (ii) through any other means including mobile number, telephone or mail. Users (and where applicable Visitors) thus agree to keep their contact information up to date. Thereafter, the Privacy Statement as updated will be rendered available and easily accessible via Tap Medical’s Website or other Services. Likewise, Tap Medical will post an updated version of this Privacy Statement each time a minor or ancillary amendment is made to this Privacy Statement. In that respect, Tap Medical recommends Users and Visitors to periodically check this Privacy Statement in order to review Tap Medical’s current practices. 
Users and Visitors can ascertain whether this Privacy Statement has changed by looking at the effective date appearing at the bottom of said Privacy Statement.
Users’ or Visitors’ continued use of the Website (or other Services) will constitute acceptance of any amendment. Should any User or Visitor disagree with the amendments made to the Privacy Statement, he, she or it shall immediately stop accessing or using Tap Medical’s Services and shall delete their account and content.

Contacting Tap Medical.

Tap Medical has appointed a “freedom of information and privacy coordinator” to ensure compliance with this Privacy Statement and the Law. Questions regarding this Privacy Statement should be directed to this coordinator by any of the following means:
(i) by mail: 1500 rue du College, Suite 200, Montreal (Québec) H4L 5G6 Canada, or (ii) email: info@tapmedical.ca. 
Please note that requests and demands made by telephone between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm should be answered within the same day. Requests and demands made by mail and email should be dealt with within five (5) days of receipt thereof. In either case, or depending upon the number of requests received by Tap Medical, it may take up to thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the request to process any such requests or demands.


Effective Date: April 24, 2017