The benefits of spa treatments

spa treatments

With new spas opening across Montreal and Canada, there is an endless variety of treatments and therapies for you to choose from. Due to their high demand, these treatments have become more innovative and more focused of health benefits. There are many options to choose from; the most poplar being massage therapy, but span now offer a range of services like shiny salt and body wraps, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, as well as signature services that combine multiple treatments. Here are some basics you should know before booking deciding on your next massage or spa treatment.

The Massage:

The two most popular common massages are Swedish and deep tissue massage. A Swedish massage generally covers the entire body with firm movements minimal depth. Deep tissue massage will use firmer pressure and include targeted work on the areas that are more knotted. Some aromatherapy is often included by using essential oils. Basalt stones that are smoothed and rounded are sometimes applied in advance to warm your muscle tissue before a deep rub. These stones are ideal since their volcanic origin makes them great at retaining the heat they absorb from their hot water bath. Most spas also have rooms for couples massages, where you can enjoy any of the aforementioned massages with your significant other. A specialized sports massage is recommended for individuals with injuries that can be sensitive to pressure. These therapists will be trained in how to appropriately treat or avoid your injury-prone areas. Nonetheless, please check with your doctor before going for a massage if you are unsure what restrictions to pass on to the masseur.


Facial Care:

Facial care is the second most popular type of spa treatment. There are often many choices that vary from spa to spa. Facial treatments have the same basic steps: Cleansing, exfoliation, extract, massage and mask. The main difference is in the skin care products used by each type of treatment. For advice, ask the beautician or talk to the staff at the reception desk; they can examine your skin and recommend the right facial treatment for you.


Body Care

Body care is an often overlooked spa service because people think that they can do it better themselves. A basic regimen can be maintained at home, but spas can offer complimentary care to render your regimen more effective . A basic scrub exfoliates your most external dead skin cells, while a salt scrub (rougher) or a sugar scrub (softer) can gently release intercellular bonds between skin cells. Other exfoliants such as coffee grounds or fruit enzymes can have the same effect. This is usually followed by a shower and a lotion application. A body scrub can be a stand-alone treatment, but it is often combined with a body wrap that moisturizes (moisturizes the skin) or detoxifies (anything that contains clay, mud or seaweed).


While at the spa, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the environment. In general, arrive  15 minutes before the start of your treatment to prepare and gown-up. If the spa is equipped with a sauna, steam bath or whirlpool, you might want to arrive even earlier.


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